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SKYSITE is a single platform, integrated, synchronized, collaborative and easy to use project management system that makes document organizing, archiving, segregating, updating, sharing, annotating & hyperlinking super-fast, accurate and streamlined across all you devices and desktops. SKYSITE automatically syncs document updates to your team so you are guaranteed they will always be working from the latest set. It’s a great solution for architects, engineers, contractors, owners and facilities operators who want to increase productivity on and off the job-site.

SKYSITE has two modules: Infolink and Projectlink. The Infolink module lets you improve facilities management to store, retrieve and share your information in the cloud to manage your day-to-day facility operations. You can also maintain current building documentation and ensure safety and continuity, address compliance, and more.

The Projectlink module lets you upload, segregate, view, annotate, search, link and share project documents and images with supreme efficiency. You can also upload site photos, maintain Punchlist, create RFIs, and create account hierarchy to transform the way you use your construction documents.

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