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Advertising / Media / Publishing, Marketing / Public Relations
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Any Sized Businesses

About Skyfish

Skyfish is a cloud-based digital asset management solution for organizing, editing, and sharing images and files. All file types (.pdf, .doc, .mov, and more) are supported. Users view their files and metadata in the slideshow-inspired preview function. Skyfish creates a preview of RAW file formats and users access the search engine to find images and files.

Skyfish allows users to set different access rights on each image, and gives user control over managing image names and keywords. Users can determine availability of each image, whether it is downloadable from a public gallery or can only be accessed with a individual recipient link. All files are hosted in Skyfish’s secure cloud system, and daily backups are made on different servers to ensure data safety.

The Skyfish app for iOS and Android platforms ensures that the software is accessible anytime and anywhere. Users can create Skyfish Events to collect, display, and share all images in real-time.

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