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About Accruent Siterra

Accruent might be best known for its site management software. The company, founded in 1995, provides real estate management software to companies who need industry-specific asset management solutions. Accruent has earned a reputation as a reliable partner. Since its launch, the company has made its software faster and more efficient, always seeking to keep costs as low as possible.

Siterra is Accruent’s real estate and site management software solution. Siterra, like most of Accruent’s products, is based in the cloud. For clients in the wireless industry, it has four specific features including site management, lease administration, development and construction project management, and asset inventory capabilities. As all commercial real estate management software should, Siterra is able to monitor site inspections and keep track of lease templates and tenant collections in a single user-interface. Siterra can be taken further by using the project management software functions to track projects, collaborate on documents and view project status from anywhere.

Staples, a top office supply retailer, found during a period of rapid growth that heir previous lease management solution could not meet the demands of their expansion. Their accounting system required employees to manually calculate percentage rent and enter lease payments, leading to errors. After implementing Accruent, Staples decreased their rent processing time by 67% and reduced inaccuracies. The simplified reporting saved man-hours, and the software solution’s functionality reduced tenant-to-landlord calculation and processing time by 33%. Accruent provides comprehensive solutions for businesses that need site management software.

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