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About SiriusDecisions

SiriusDecisions, based in Wilton, Conn., is a research and advisory firm in the B2B space. Founded in 2000, SiriusDecisions provides businesses with adaptable frameworks, competitive intelligence, strategies for go-to-market, product management/design advice, account-based marketing tactics, a leading B2B conference (SiriusDecisions Summit) and much more. 

SiriusDecisions’ services are divisible into three main areas: AdvisoryConsulting, and Learning. Each of these areas are further tailored for specific areas of your business: SalesMarketing, and Product

Advisory services from SiriusDecisions, usually delivered via content developed by SiriusDecisions analysts, help businesses through collaborative counsel that provides perspective, insights, and guidance from an organization with over 2,000 combined  years of B2B experience. Sales leaders can benefit from advice tailored towards channel marketing, sales enablement, and operations. Marketers are offered advice and strategies for account-based marketing, marketing operations, portfolio marketing, strategic communications, & more. Product advice includes positioning, go-to-market, management, and product development. 

SiriusDecisions’ consulting services expand on their advisory offerings; Instead of access to tailored content, SiriusDecisions consulting offers a deeper level of support, delivered within a specific timeframe, and within a budget framework that meets your needs. With all-hands-on-deck workshops or one-to-one, project-based consulting services, SiriusDecisions offers sales, marketing, and product advice that assesses your current situation and provides an actionable go-forward plan. 

Finally, SiriusDecisions learning  — SiriusPathways  — offers e-learning courses, self-assessments, video overviews, and more, all hosted on a robust, innovative learning management system that’s accessible anytime and anywhere. With pre-built training tracks for various job descriptions and the ability to create custom curriculums, SiriusDecisions learning solutions can be tailored to fit any situation.

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