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SignWellProduct Overview

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SignWell product overview

SignWell, formerly Docsketch, is an electronic signature tool for legally binding e-signatures and faster document signing. Organizations can eliminate mistakes by using the software and the guided signing experience, which helps recipients complete all parts of their papers. Documents signed with the software are secure and compliant with U.S. and international laws.

SignWell facilitates the automation of electronic signatures through Template Links. It operates on AWS services using high-availability and fault-resistant solutions. Its systems are running at multiple physical locations at the same time, ensuring that in case of interruption in one of the zones, the other continues to operate and provide services.

The platform offers features such as customizable templates, configurable workflows, audit reports, and document sharing and tracking. SignWell reduces the document turnaround time for businesses.

Pros of SignWell

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  • Its Templates feature enables users to quickly reuse and resend their most common documents.
  • It automatically detects blank lines in the papers and positions the fields in the right place. It also streamlines the template and document setup. Users simply need to drag any field near detected blank lines and SignWell takes care of the rest.

Cons of SignWell

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  • The software doesn’t support document modification.

Breakdown of core features

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Document signing

With the platform’s document signing features, users can avoid the slow and frustrating process of printing, signing, and faxing/emailing back. Moreover, it archives and protects signed documents from further changes; they’re as legally valid as pen-and-paper documents.

Document workflows

SignWell allows multiple people to sign documents in any order. Its Document Workflows feature lets managers choose whether to get everyone to complete their documents at once or one-by-one in a specific order. When users need to sign in a specific order, each person automatically gets notified when it’s their turn. Recipients know exactly who still needs to sign the document, and all will get the finalized document once upon completion.


Users can turn any paperwork into a template to accelerate access and resending. Once they’ve turned a document into a template, they can retrieve it from anywhere online. The system guides recipients through the process of completing fillable/signable documents. Tracking documents can also be turned into templates, saving time spent digging through email or files on the computer.

Audit reports

SignWell tracks and maintains an audit trail of all the important activities related to documents. Every signed paper receives an audit report representing legal documentation that meets or exceeds the U.S. and international e-signature law requirements.

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