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SignFlowProduct Overview

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SignFlow product overview

SignFlow is an all-in-one cloud-based software designed specifically for shift-based workforces. The software has time attendance, shift, and leave management features to help organizations save time and maintain focus on growing the business.

SignFlow’s time attendance tools allow users to clock in and out of shifts using a kiosk or mobile app. The solution has a geo-location feature, allowing employees to clock in only in certain locations. SignFlow allows users to auto-generate timesheets, edit and approve them, and flag any discrepancies.

The software has a schedule management feature, which uses a simple drag and drop functionality to allow users to create upcoming weekly schedules.

SignFlow has leave management features enabling businesses to track when employees take a break, are on holiday/ leave, or request vacation. Leave requests can also be approved using the software.

Pros of SignFlow

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  • Shift templates simplify allocation of shifts to departments. This allows managers to ensure that only qualified staff for a certain shift are scheduled. It allows staff to clock in and out more efficiently by providing information on the exact clock in time. This also gives management greater insight when looking at reports to see who is early or late when clocking in and out.
  • SignFlow’s Time Attendance Kiosk can work completely offline, which means that in the event of a network failure, teams can continue to clock in and out without interruption. The software’s Kiosk syncs the data to SignFlow as soon as connection becomes available.

Cons of SignFlow

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  • SignFlow currently doesn’t support a fingerprint clocking system. However, an update will be rolled out in the future for the SignFlow Kiosk app to randomly take pictures of employees clocking in and out of their shifts. Along with this update is a full tracking feature, enabling businesses to monitor where staff are located while on shift.

Breakdown of core features

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SignFlow provides features to help businesses with time attendance, shift, and leave management.

Time attendance

SignFlow tracks time worked by teams and accurately generates timesheets. The software’s auto-generated timesheets allow users to get all hours worked in a period, make changes, and view any discrepancies there may be during the period. Managers can then approve the timesheets ready for payroll.


Users can drag and drop shifts into place each week with SignFlow’s online portal. Managers can publish schedules and let team members know exactly what shifts they are required to work during the week. If there are shifts that need to be filled, managers can drop shifts into OpenShifts and allow the team to apply for the shift at the tap of a button.

Leave management

Businesses can allow teams to apply for leave through SignFlow. Users can manage, track, and approve leave requests without any paper-work. Additionally, SignFlow can manage yearly holiday allowances automatically, ensuring that staff members can’t go over their vacation limit.

Payroll reporting

Once the manager approves the timesheets for the team, payroll reports can be exported for submission to the accountant or imported directly into payroll packages.

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Quick Facts

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  • Time attendance tracking
  • Shift scheduling
  • Auto generated timesheets
  • Edit timesheets
  • Drag, drop, and publish schedules
  • Schedule templates
  • Print Rotas
  • Leave management
  • Track holiday and breaks
  • Clock ins via App
  • Geo-location login
  • Face recognition clock-in
  • Works offline and automatically syncs to the cloud

Pricing Model

  • Free trial
  • SignFlow Time
  • SignFlow Rota
  • SignFlow Plus


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