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About Shop Edge

Shop Edge Software Inc. was founded in 2002. The first and foremost reason for developing these customer-focused services was the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It was created to integrate with software used by metal stamping businesses. Full integration was key and, once this was accomplished, it became important that the Shop Edge ERP systems identified, gathered, and reported information that would allow metal stamping and fabrication businesses to function more effectively. Shop Edge Software has evolved since then, adding more satisfied clients and expanding its business operations. It now boasts one of the most powerful scheduling engines in the metal stamping industry. This key feature continues to aid more clients every year.

Shop Edge’s ERP software solution was designed by a company in the metal stamping industry, exclusively for companies in the metal stamping industry. This powerful system boasts all the features a metal stamping business needs, from the shop floor to the invoice. Clients use the advanced product planning features to ensure high quality and the barcode printing to enable easy tracking. The wireless network scanning and tracking features make everything visible at exactly the right moments. When a stamping company needs ERP software solutions, Shop Edge is the niche industry leader. It creates solutions crafted specifically for those in the metal stamping business. Their ERP solutions help businesses function more effectively.

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