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About ServiceLedger

Founded in 1998, ServiceLedger is a low-cost service management software provider with extensive knowledge of service management solutions gained through years of business operation. With customer service bases throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada, ServiceLedger consistently provides its clients with expert guidance and assistance.

ServiceLedger is a software manufacturing company that provides service management software solutions. Businesses that focus on providing services such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing or computer repair can benefit from the automation that this software company offers. The solution has many features to help ensure a maximum profit on your business endeavors and can be easily integrated into your system. With ServiceLedger’s service management software, you can efficiently manage your contacts. The client history details view feature lets you track customers effectively. You can make estimations with the system’s capability to forecast sales, and the easy conversion button moves quotes to work orders. ServiceLedger’s service scheduling software also allows you to view job schedules in three calendar viewing formats: daily, weekly or monthly. This feature is fully integrated with Microsoft MapPoint, allowing you to view the locations of jobs and resources. It also has drag-and-drop capability to give flexibility over moving job lists from one resource to another. The system is designed to grow, featuring an automation of commission reports as well as that of your company’s expenses. This service management software can be fully integrated with QuickBooks, Peachtree and Sage50, making accounting streamlined and accurate. With this software solution, you can gain ultimate control over your business inventory. A multiple locations tracking capability and a dispatch management feature give you the advantage of having remote control over your resources and personnel. ServiceLedger software keeps technicians and customers connected, giving you instant access to your clients anytime, anywhere.

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