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SeoSamba Marketing Operating System

Multi-site marketing automation software platform
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SeoSamba Marketing Operating SystemProduct Overview

  1. About SeoSamba Marketing Operating System
  2. Pros of SeoSamba Marketing Operating System
  3. Cons of SeoSamba Marketing Operating System
  4. Breakdown of core features

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System product overview

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System (MOS) is a digital solution that automates all marketing efforts across any number of digital assets or websites.

SeoSamba MOS ships with a social marketing and lead/CRM app. It combines numerous capabilities under one roof at cost-effective prices. Capabilities include email, social media marketing, SEO and PPC reporting, centralized blogging, call tracking and VoIP services, analytics, and on-site SEO execution for WordPress and SeoToaster powered websites.

Pros of SeoSamba Marketing Operating System

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  • SeoSamba MOS combines 30 marketing tools with one single subscription. It offers operational efficiencies when marketing across websites, social accounts, and campaigns, while delivering savings in the process. It provides automated on-site Search Engine Optimization for WordPress at scale.

Cons of SeoSamba Marketing Operating System

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  • Some users reported that the platform has a learning curve for those who may not be experienced with a marketing automation tool.

Breakdown of core features

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Social marketing

SeoSamba MOS allows users to access centralized calendars and post from the field with its social media marketing mobile application. Users can automate posting to Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, and Linkedin from their shareable corporate calendar. Teams can post to an unlimited number of accounts and business profiles. The platform enables users to access social calendars from the mobile app as well as schedule and post pics and video updates on the go from their Android or iPhone. Social post templates can be saved to the library to be customized by teams. Favorite or approved resources can also be saved and shared with social media accounts. Best business reviews from Facebook and Google My Business can be shared in one click.

Centralized review management

The platform provides a bird’s eye view of all locations’ reputations with major review sites such as Google My Business and Facebook. Businesses can manage locations at scale and receive alerts when key performance indicators threshold are met.

SeoSamba MOS supports distributed multi-location businesses, including multi-unit franchisees for franchise businesses. Teams can respond collaboratively to reviews across locations and stakeholders. Additionally, users can send review requests via text from its lead/CRM mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

The software lets users automate reviews gathering with email/SMS sequences straight from the CRM. Users can also adopt its open-source CRM, SeoToaster CRM Ultimate. With its automated appeal and mitigation system, teams can appeal to customers instead of letting them leave negative feedback. Hand-picked and 4 and 5 stars reviews are automatically highlighted for inclusion on websites. Businesses can showcase reviews with the platform’s website widget with a list, scrollable lists, carousels, or columns presentation.

Email marketing system

Teams can upload lists or create contacts, select one of the system’s mobile-friendly templates, and use the drag-and-drop editor to perfect their creation. SeoSamba MOS enables users to understand what works with the audience, groom lists, or resend emails to contacts who have not opened the last newsletter.

SeoSamba MOS is a complete email marketing tool with pricing based on the number of emails sent every month and not the number of contacts stored in the system. It is ideal for multi-location businesses. Companies can share or manage contacts lists to keep things organized and localize campaigns to show relevant local retail points of presence and other franchisees’ information.

The software allows teams to build newsletters automatically. It creates email campaigns from previously published blog posts. Users simply need to select lists and hit send. The platform lets teams pick an email digest template along with a selection of posts previously published via SeoSamba’s centralized blog editor and watch as the newsletter email is assembled.

Businesses can create both email newsletter and blog posts for WordPress or SeoToaster-powered websites using SeoSamba MOS’s drag-and-drop editor tool.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    All Industries
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses





  • Email newsletter marketing
  • social marketing calendar and curation
  • Social media marketing mobile application
  • Review management system
  • Telephony and text messaging
  • Search Rankings reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators reporting
  • Document and media library
  • Press Release distribution channels access
  • Mobile Lead/CRM app with inbound calls notification
  • Integrated web conferencing tool
  • Centralized on-site SEO execution for WordPress and SeoToaster powered websites


  • Google Webmasters
  • WordPress
  • SeoToaster Ultimate CRM
  • SeoSamba products
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google My Business

Pricing Model

  • Flat-rate pricing


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian