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About Sense Health

Sense Healthfounded in 2013 by Stan Berkow and Paul Biancaniello, focuses on amplifying the provider-patient relationship through the use of their eponymous, semi-automated patient engagement platform. Born out of Berkow’s frustrations with the lack of tools available to assist in his work supporting clinical trials at the Department of Behavioral Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center, Sense Health helps providers more easily communicate with patients, improve health outcomes, and save valuable time. 

In the simplest terms, Sense Health is a two-way messaging tool that supplements the communication you already have with your patients. HIPAA-compliant and easy-to-use, Sense Health can help you support your patients in three distinct ways: 

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Medication Reminders
  • Communication Scripts

The first two ways, appointment and medication reminders, are simple and straightforward: enter your patients’ information (name and phone number) and manually enter the appointment or medication interval on their profile page  — the platform does the rest.

The patient communication scripts are where Sense Health really shines; the platform works with your patient to enroll him or her in the most appropriate script available, automatically obtaining and recording patient consent, providing support based on health condition or acute health events, with messaging that helps drive adherence to care plan goals. This process is further streamlined with workflow tools that help you segment patients with like conditions, a custom content builder for creating new scripts, and a powerful suite of both pre-built and custom reporting options. It is important to note that while Sense Health’s over 2500 (and counting) messaging options were optimized for patient adherence and designed in concert with medical professionals, you know your patient best, so you’ll have to sign off on all messages before they’re sent. 

We recommend Sense Health to any medical professional or healthcare organization looking for a more automated, secure two-way messaging solution that’s both HIPAA-compliant and easy-to-use, but its care coordination abilities make it especially suited for hospitals, large physician groups, or concierge medical practices. 

Have questions about Sense Health? Want to find out more about patient engagement or medical software? Call, click, or email to speak with an  unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 


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