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SellzoneProduct Overview

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Sellzone product overview

Sellzone, formerly known as Sellerly, is a suite of tools for managing listing performance and pinpointing sales growth points on Amazon. It consists of seven tools focused on boosting visibility, growing traffic, improving conversions, and making the most out of ads. The toolbox contains seven tools: Keyword Wizard, Traffic Insights, PPC Optimizer, Product Research, Listing Quality Check, Listing Alerts, and Split Testing.

Sellzone is from the SEMrush team and its years of experience in providing solutions for marketers. It optimizes Amazon US Marketplace listings with tools that track the performance of product listings and growth-related challenges. In addition, Sellzone provides insight into Amazon Marketplace’s performance by addressing a specific set of problems for Amazon sellers.

Pros of Sellzone

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  • It enables marketers to find high-demand products to sell on Amazon with smart filters and new data. The software analyzes search demand and traffic potential in various niches.
  • Its Listing Optimization audits and improves listings’ performance. It fixes all content errors and enhances listings with the right keywords.

Cons of Sellzone

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  • Currently, Sellzone tools are available only for the US Amazon Marketplace.

Breakdown of core features

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Listing alerts

The Amazon Listing Alerts tool is an alert system for sellers that allows sellers to instantly respond to unwanted listing changes and traffic loss. It monitors keyword positions, buy boxes, listing suppression, and prices. Marketers can keep an eye on their rankings and grow product visibility in Amazon search. Moreover, businesses can use this feature to gather intelligence about their competition.

Traffic insights

Sellzone Traffic Insights tool is an analytics tool that allows users to evaluate and compare Amazon listings’ traffic channels and scale marketing strategy accordingly. It delivers in-depth reporting on how much external traffic the listings are getting, where that traffic is coming from, and what the business can do to maximize potential traffic going forward. Users can also use the tool to examine the competitors’ listings and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then, they can compare them with their own product listings.

Listing quality check

This feature checks listings for incompleteness, Amazon Guidelines fit, and content errors. It also gives data and expert-driven suggestions on how to optimize listings and increase conversion. Marketing teams can use actionable advice based on best practices and research. Businesses can ensure they follow all of the official recommendations and guidelines to get favored by Amazon and avoid listing suspension.

Keyword wizard

Sellzone Keyword Research tool enriches listings with the correct search terms. It analyzes keywords for Amazon’s search engine and improves listings’ visibility in Amazon searches. Businesses can advance listings around the most popular keywords the customers are using. The current size of the Keyword Wizard database is 200+ million keywords, letting sellers identify queries that can make their listings more profitable.

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  • Traffic Insights
  • Keyword Wizard
  • Listing Quality Check
  • Listing Alerts
  • PPC Optimizer
  • Product Research
  • Split Testing


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  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Shopping

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