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About Access Group SelectHR

The Access Group develops business management solutions, specifically HR software. Their products are used by more than 5,000 customers in the United Kingdom, including corporate and non-profit organizations. Recently, the company has been rated among the fastest growing software developers in the UK and among the top places to work in the country. The company continues to evolve today.

SelectHR is an all-around workforce management software and companies use it for everything from talent tracking to workforce management. Use the talent management software to track hiring campaigns from the start. Determine which recruitment methods are most effective and, in turn, decide which strategies to use in the future. Minimize the development cycle by using the platform’s training management software functions, as well. Once employees are in the system, track their progress and schedule training sessions. This same commitment to employee development can lead to shorter sales cycles and higher quality in-house innovation.

Hospiscare, a local charity, uses SelectHR to streamline their complex HR processes, saying the ability to integrate payroll and customize the interface to match their terminology were major selling points. The software solution also allowed them to meet strict reporting requirements. Implementation of SelectHR helped this charity reduce the workload by two full days per week, saving them around £7,000 per year in administrative costs. The Access Group’s HR software provides a robust set of features that fits in every human resources department. Find out why more than 400 companies in the UK have adopted SelectHR as their go-to performance management software.

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