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About SeedCRM

From the parent company of Cellflare, Inc. comes an easy to use mobile CRM solution: SeedCRM.  Based in Toronto, SeedCRM launched in 2013 as modern client relations management solution.

The real draw of SeedCRM is its interface, it is simple, easy to use, and quick to adopt.  The SeedCRM software operates only from the cloud, so you can manage and update clients’, leads’ and staffs’ contact information from anywhere. View contacts by location and get step-by-step directions to their offices within the system.  Never miss a meeting with callback alerts and task reminders.  Documents and notes for clients can be synced with other team members.  Send mass emails to leads or clients easily from within the app. Rest easy knowing that all communication and data are encrypted for security.  Analytic capabilities include the number of sales and leads that are in the pipeline and their value. SeedCRM has a mobile site for its customers, and mobile apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. SeedCRM will grow with your company, and can scale when you want to.

This system would be most beneficial to people who are looking for a lightweight solution without having to manage all the bells and whistles. Small businesses, or businesses that aren’t too technologically focused may want to take a look at SeedCRM. Those who are mostly mobile-based and aren’t at a desk for most of the day would also find this software attractive.

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