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About Teradata SeeChain

Teradata is the producer of SeeChain supply chain performance management software. Founded in 1979 based on research from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Citibank’s advanced technology group, Teradata is now one of the world’s foremost data management companies. The company is a recipient of theĀ “World’s Most Ethical Companies” Ethisphere Institute award.

Teradata’s SeeChain supply chain performance management software answers several challenges faced by companies, maximizing the availability of products while minimizing outlays. It provides solutiosn to issues that hinder adequate in-stock and rich sell-through production rates.One year after Ace Hardware implemented Teradata’s software solution, an in-house ROI review concluded that increases of $1.03 in the average retail transaction value, $24 million annual value in returning customers, and $19 million annual value in retail price margins in three departments were attributable to the Teradata system. In total, Ace showed an increase in annual ADW ROI of $85 million.Teradata’s CPG solutions allows businesses to enhance rates of feedback and fulfillment while lowering expenditures. It provides views of items and storage capacity, sends out alerts and key performance indicators, and can evaluate metrics in detail, including causal analysis. Teradata’s SeeChain supply chain performance management software allows users to monitor and manage the performance of a supply chain. Get a complete viewpoint of supply chains, reducing inadequate in-stock and poor sell-through performance rates. SeeChain lets companies synchronize their performance with their business community, from source to sale.

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