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Banking / Accounting / Financial, Manufacturing, Real Estate
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Any Sized Businesses

About SEAD SaaS Portal

SEAD SaaS Portal provides  “Analytics as a Service” – from data aggregation, normalization with total data security through the development and implementation of enterprise wide dashboards that enable complete command and control of corporate data at the click of a mouse. This solution eliminates the long wait to obtain data, and the issues of aggregating data from fragmented systems.

SEAD provides a unique approach, offering to deliver Wall Street type Analytics at Main Street prices. The process starts by extracting and consolidating all corporate data into the proprietary SEAD database – with a unique, highly secure architecture that then replicates all corporate data into the unique SEAD Portal – where data is delivered through advanced, easy to use dashboards. SEAD’s portal puts all relevant corporate data at the fingertip control of every authorized employee while enforcing access control, data and functionality entitlement, all with a complete audit trail that queries data from SEAD – a fully encrypted, compressed and replicated corporate datamart derived from multiple different systems – automatically. Other solutions provide  software components, self-service tools, training, expensive consulting engagements, etc etc – SEAD delivers operating solutions to problems at a fraction of the cost and time and we guarantee success.

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