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About Sculptech

Sculptech Sales Solution, from Neuron Software Ltd., is a customer relationship management product that’s grown out of Neuron Software’s fifteen years-old information technology solution base. 

Sculptech is designed to be a whole-business solution; it supplies a complete IT and business development model for startup companies, or can be used at well-established companies with existing sales processes. Customization is easy; thanks to the product’s design, 75 percent of the solution is pre-built, and the remaining 25 percent can be designed on-the-fly, allowing you to enjoy a custom solution at a fraction of the cost of typical bespoke software. With modules available for customer service, ecommerce, self-help resources (ie a knowledgebase for your customers), order management and logistics, accounting / finance, and custom reports, Sculptech offers as much or as little functionality as is desired. 

An investment in Sculptech (or any CRM) shouldn’t be seen as a cost center, but rather as a human resources and marketing cost savings engine; Sculptech allows management and ownership to take significant steps towards automation and process consistency, minimizing costs and business risk. 

Sculptech has been used to satisfy customers and build sales at companies in many industries, but they have especially extensive experience in telecommunications sales. We recommend them to any company looking for a customizable, affordable customer relationship management system that also offers order management and accounting tools. 

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