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About Jada Management SCP 4.0

Jada Management Systems LLC is the provider of the vendor managed inventory software application SCP 4.0. Jada operates in the logistics and supply industry, and more narrowly, the SCP or supply chain management software sector. Privately held and based in Portland, Oregon, Jada has been in business since 2001.

Jada’s SCP 4.0’s vendor managed inventory software provides a forecasting and planning module that determines what components manufacturers should make next, what quantities should be made, and how soon the order should be filled. The emphasis is on meeting demand without maintaining excessive inventory. Jada’s SCP 4.0 inventory planning software uses manage-by-exception algorithms to model the supply chain. SCP 4.0 provides multi-tier bills of material, enabling producers to correlate raw material demand with corresponding components. Jada’s capacity and constraint planning tools keep expectations based on real-time availability. Re-scheduled orders are automatically integrated into the SCP 4.0 planning engine. Jada’s inventory management software provides an optimized scheduling tool that helps manage the endless constraints on production runs — between-run cleanup, scrap management, retooling, due dates, transportation scheduling, and business rules. The engine driving these capabilities is Jada’s meta-heuristic optimizer. The purpose of Jada’s vendor managed inventory software tools is to create partnerships among multiple vendors in the supply chain by electronically sharing information.

Based on case studies, one global freight forwarding company using SCP drove down the stock holding from $12.9 mil to $8 mil within 15 months. The software solution enabled them to achieve these results while managing the procurement and distribution of catering stock for more than 200 suppliers. A Fortune 500 laundry products company case study showed a 64% reduction in downtime and a 55% reduction in inventory, leading to increased profitability.

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