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Whiztech, which develops web-based, software as a service (SaaS) business solutions for medium-sized and large companies, describes itself as the place “where internet technology wizards work.”┬áThe company headquarters is located in Dubai, and the firm has locations in Malaysia, Singapore and India, as well. Whiztech was founded in 1996.

In addition to enterprise resource management applications, Whiztech also develops customer relationship management, human capital management and supply chain management (SCM) solutions. Its SCM Suite supply chain management solution is a suite of software which focuses on eight specific areas. Some of its integrated programs include a supplier management application, warehouse management software and demand planning and forecasting. A complete logistics management solution, the Whiztech supply chain management product also includes inventory optimization, management of procurements and purchases and distribution management. The end results are supply chain visibility and reduced supply management costs. Whiztech also offers solutions for the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and maritime industries. These enterprise resource management applications allow clients to improve decision making by providing a comprehensive overview of operations. Other functions include employee self-service for inputting human resources information and improved workflows. Also, Whiztech solutions for these industries entail recruiting and training functions as well as performance reviews. By operating on an SaaS basis, the company also reduces clients’ operating costs by managing, maintaining and updating all the software and hardware related to its products.

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