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About Genzlinger SCM

Incorporated in 1971, Genzlinger Associates started as a custom programming shop. They evolved to develop ERP and EDI solutions for small to mid-sized manufacturers. An employee-owned company, Genzlinger is located in Troy, Michigan. Genzlinger specializes in developing manufacturing software solutions for repetitive manufacturers, such as automotive and truck suppliers.

Genzlinger’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) manufacturing software is a user-friendly series of applications that provide rapid data distribution, from the customer’s EDI release all the way though to the supplier’s EDI release. This rapid SCM planning tool allows small to mid-sized repetitive manufacturers to compete successfully in an industry that demands results quickly. SCM integrates material releases with customer orders, converts customer orders and material releases into a master production schedule, adjusts for different scheduling scenarios and optimizes capacity planning. It also features capacity smoothing capabilities. The Release/Shipment Communications application is an EDI system, automating customer transmission and supplier processing. The Material Requirements Planning application interprets production schedules and provides advice on what to buy and what to build. The Purchase Order Processing application is a tool that optimizes the maintenance of purchasing records and ensure accurate deliveries. The Customer Order Processing application enables on-line entry, processing, maintenance and reporting of orders. The Master Production Scheduling application incorporates the independent demands for a product and provides interactive functions that construct a master production schedule. Genzlinger’s supply chain management applications are industry leaders for repetitive manufacturing operations.

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