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About Thoughtful Systems Scheduling Manager

Thoughtful Systems, Inc. is a software and consulting company that began by developing software for a wide range of business solutions. In 1985, the owner of a cleaning service company asked Thoughtful Systems to develop a solution for his business and, once delivered, he encouraged them to market it to a wider range of services in the janitorial industry. Thus began their mission of continually developing and improving their software with customizations to fit a broad spectrum of uses in the service industry. They now offer a variety of solutions to those looking for field service management software encompassing a wide array of service industries. Because Thoughtful Systems designs solutions integrating your way of doing business, you will not need a variety of specialized programs. Scheduling Manager is one of Thoughtful Systems’ products. It is a complete management package for your service business. Scheduling Manager allows you to manage information about your customers and employees, job scheduling, team information, mapping capabilities, work coding, accounting (including incoming payments and payroll), estimates, inventory, import and export capabilities with other popular software programs, and more. Whether you choose one of Thoughtful’s pre-packaged programs or go with a more customized design for your service business software, you are buying from a company with professional support and nearly three decades of experience.

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