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About Intellicate Schedule24

Intellicate, which designs employee scheduling software, counts among its clients such noted firms as Boeing, Japanese Airlines, BlackBerry and the South African police. However, the company also recognizes the need of smaller businesses to have affordable access to the type of management software applications that larger companies use. Its experienced staff includes personnel who have previously worked in public and private sector management capacities.

For its clients in law enforcement, Intellicate produced its Schedule24 duty management software. In accommodating the requirements of round-the-clock schedules, a duty officer can post shift rotations on the cloud or send them directly to individual officers via email. One of the more complex functions of Schedule24, duty management software, allows supervisors to design shift patterns. This product also performs logic checks to verify that staff members are, in fact, available for the hours they are scheduled to work. Schedule24 also provides functions for automating overtime and days off, and includes reporting. Designed specifically as a police scheduling software, Schedule24 duty management software provides a comprehensive range of functions. Intellicate recognizes that duty management does not fall under the scope of human resources or Internet technology-related problems. It addresses police scheduling software requirements as operational problems. In addition to its Schedule24 software, Intellicate offers consulting services to law enforcement clients, provided by former police managers.

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