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Product Quick Facts

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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About made4net SCExpert

Made4net was founded by people in the supply chain industry, so they understand the needs of enterprise businesses. Their solutions, including their SCExpert software, are scalable to businesses of all sizes, from the small independent company to global manufacturers. Made4net offers complete end-to-end supply chain execution software. They make sure that their products are easy to integrate, implement and learn. They have exceptional international customer service experience, and are driven to provide clients with the best support available. Made4net logistics management software solutions combine functionality with affordability.

SCExpert is a powerful supply chain execution software, packed with useful features to help make businesses profitable and competitive. SCExpert Suite combines the best of Made4net business software, and runs from one platform for easier use. It easily integrates into existing systems and is fully customizable based on the specific requirements of individual businesses. SCExpert logistics management software offers modules to handle market changes, billing, delivery, and much more. It keeps IT necessities on one interface, reducing the need for dedicated staff, increasing efficiency and enhancing profitability. SCExpert supply chain execution software is a superior option for meeting complex business needs. A case study of Natela Importers, a leading food distributor in South Africa, found that implementing Made4Net’s SCExpert solution reduced errors and nearly doubled their inventory turns. Associated costs decreased by nearly 20 percent, and accuracy and productivity greatly improved.

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