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About SAS Supply Chain

SAS Institute began at North Carolina State University analyzing agricultural data to increase crop output. As demand for this type of software increased, SAS was founded in 1976 to provide solutions for a variety of industries. It now has more than 50,000 customer sites and 200 products. It is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

One of SAS’ industry leading solutions is Supply Chain Intelligence. It will allow customers to combine data from other sources, and help to maintain efficiencies in supply chain controls. This optimizes businesses by translating data into knowledge and providing insight about supply networks, demand patterns and customer service requirements. It facilitates the combination of data from other sources for more comprehensive analytics and reporting. The results are improved efficiency of the supply chain, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profits. SAS offers several modules of supply chain intelligence solutions. Their Demand-Driven Forecasting spurs development of forecasts with operation and sales planning to generate the most accurate consensus forecast. Their Inventory Optimization aids in the management of data on millions of SKUs and transforming it into insights for inventory optimization. SAS’s Business Analytics reduces costs by predicting volumes to help optimize staffing levels and provide customer insights. Predictive Asset Maintenance helps to predict events so assets can run at their peak performance, while lowering maintenance costs. There are several more modules available for supply chain intelligence. Marcel Baumgartner, Head of Global Demand Planning Performance and Statistical Forecasting for Nestle and an SAS customer, notes that their industry processes products in large batches to keep unit prices low. He says that it is absolutely crucial to have the right quantity of product at the right place and time, and that by implementing SAS solutions, they are now able to be proactive rather than reactive. SAS’ supply chain intelligence solutions will reduce your inventory costs while increasing customer satisfaction and profits.

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