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About SAP SQL Anywhere

SAP SQL Anywhere, from global enterprise application development firm SAP AG, provides solutions for data management, synchronization, and exchange that enable developers to rapidly design, build, and deploy database-powered applications for mobile and remote environments where there is limited or no IT support. Trusted by over a quarter million users for their mission critical software and processes, SAP helps you streamline your processes, creating the agility to explore new growth opportunities for your business with one of the world’s most innovative platforms. 

SAP SQL Anywhere database management software keeps data synchronized with thousands of mobile devices or remote offices, so that all business users can access vital data  — anytime, anywhere. The latest release of SQL Anywhere allows companies to securely capture, access, and feed data (including Internet-of-Things data) back into the SAP HANA platform from remote workplaces with low bandwidth or intermittent connections, such as retails stores, restaurants, and satellite offices within large enterprises. 

Highlight benefits include:

  • Optimized performance on a wide variety of IoT platform, plus monitoring and diagnostic capabilities designed to accommodate new IoT application scenarios
  • Smart, secure synchronization for cloud and on-premise systems, with improved data protection, encryption, and data isolation
  • Always-on, always-available operations with significantly reduced downtime resulting from database maintenance and/or application upgrades

Indian Railways carries 20 million passengers per day  — 19 million of who don’t have ticket reservations. To support these customers, the company developed a one-of-a-kind Unreserved Ticketing System using SAP SQL Anywhere. Now, they can ensure uninterrupted ticketing, no matter how far from a reliable connection they may be. 

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