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About SAP Supply Chain

SAP AG is a German software corporation developing enterprise software, including SAP Supply Chain Management, for managing customer relations and business operations. It is one of the largest software corporations in the world.  SAP’s solutions connect external partners with internal departments and keep operations running profitably and efficiently by assisting with demand management and supply chain efficiency. SAP’s supply chain management tools help ensure the supply chain’s integrity and manage disruptions more efficiently. The information is provided in real time, optimizing the ability to make the most informed decisions in managing supply and demand. Inventory, order fulfillment and shipping benefit from central management. Forecasting allows businesses to anticipate and manage sudden changes in supply and demand. SAP supply chain management solutions uses sophisticated analytics to optimize reaction times to fluctuations in supply. The solutions not only allow the customers to maintain peak efficiency and control throughout their warehouses, but also to enable optimal performance in every step of the supply chain, from delivery and receiving of inventory to internal management of goods. SAP supply chain management solutions will allow for internal controls and external processing that will allow customers to thrive.

Colgate-Palmolive Company is one of many satisfied SAP customers. They were able to transform their demand planning with the SAP supply chain management application. Production efforts are better aligned to meet customer demand with the insightful information provided, and responsiveness to internal customers and the retail trade has improved Colgate’s profit margins. After implementation, Colgate had a 98 percent increase in on-time and complete orders, 99 percent inventory accuracy, and the time to complete the customer replenishment cycle was reduced to less than one day. SAP financial supply chain management solutions are industry leaders, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

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