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About SalesPage CRM

SalesPage Technologies is a company that creates enterprise data and customer relationship management solutions. They are headquartered in Michigan, but have international presence in Europe as well.

SalesPage’s CRM solution, SalesPage Financial, is optimized to two sectors: wholesale distribution and financial services. SalesPage Financial can be accessed from their cloud or installed onto your company’s servers.  If you choose the cloud solution, data can be input without a connection and uploaded and synced at a later time. SalesPage Financial has a native iPhone app to manage contacts from a mobile device, but apps for other operating systems can be custom developed. SalesPage Financial offers robust analytics and reporting, including the ability to track progress across different territories or by team members and identify leads by quality. Leads can be nurtured with email marketing with tracking. Team members can also keep track service tickets for clients. In addition to these features, SalesPage Financial will also tailor their out of the box solution to best fit their customer’s needs. SalesPage routinely holds consultations and online training to ensure that customers are seeing an increase in profit with their solution.

SalesPage Financial is a favorite for the financial industry.  One of their customers, Sigma Financial Corporation, found that the SalesPage Financial CRM solution was particularly beneficial to manage their contacts between representatives. Allowing the staff to have a complete profile on clients and their previous communication notes increased productivity.  Their clients were pleased with the more personalized customer service Sigma Financial Corporation was able to provide.

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