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About SalesOutlook

SalesOutlook, founded in 1998, is known for its leadership in the use of Microsoft Outlook as the key platform for CRM solutions. SalesOutlook’s award-winning software is used by organizations in over 18 countries. With solutions for small businesses and major corporations alike, SalesOutlook is known for its customization to bolster the business performance of its clients.

SalesOutlook CRM solutions are completely customizable to the scope of the marketing campaign at hand. One of the most popular features is SalesOutlook’s ability to manage sales teams, which improves productivity and reduces internal costs. By using this tool to create a sales process, organizations can rely on accurate sales forecasts. SalesOutlook also provides tools that manage email campaigns, producing sales results at the lowest possible cost. Aside from email campaign management, SalesOutlook reduces customer issue response time. Since companies lose approximately 5 percent of their clientele each year due to service issues, creating a more efficient response and resolution workflow is critical to business growth. SalesOutlook offers real-time support and analysis so organizations can better serve their clients.

Jive is a print shop that relies on its website to generate leads and grow its business. Through SalesOutlook, Jive was able to increase conversion rates, stay in touch with valuable clients, and create databases with detailed client information. Jive experienced a sales increase of 71 percent in its first year with SalesOutlook CRM and has experienced double-digit growth each year since then.

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