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Saicon Games


Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Consumer Brands
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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Saicon Games

Located in Attica, Greece, Saicon Games is a company that provides businesses with flexible technology designed to engage customers, increase brand awareness, and reward customer loyalty. They help brands establish an online community of customers, which incentivizes participation and social sharing through a brand-defined rewards system. Implementing gamification technology helps brands increase lead generation and conversion rates.

Saicon Games appeals to businesses looking to reward loyal customers while using the power of referrals to increase lead generation efforts. With Saicon Games, brands are able to implement custom rewards programs that use virtual currency, goods, and achievements to inspire customer loyalty and engagement. The Saicon Games platform features behavior tracking tools that help brands gain insight into engagement patterns. From these insights, brands are then able to target and reward customers based on engagement levels. Saicon Games takes their service a step further by allowing brands to monetize gamification technology. Businesses benefit from Saicon Games’ gamification platform as it results in increased engagement and strengthens customer-brand relationships.

Saicon Games is designed for brands that need to increase customer engagement, lead generation, and revenue by using gamification technology. Leading companies continue to implement gamification tactics to reward loyal customers with branded incentives and recognition programs. Saicon Games allows brands to successfully increase brand awareness across multiple platforms while effectively targeting multiple user personas and generating revenue.

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