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About Samsung SAFE

Samsung provides mobile device management solutions for enterprise-level companies and growing businesses. Their SAFE platform is ideal for large organizations in the education, automotive, healthcare, logistics and retail industries that need a reliable, secure, and scalable mobile device management solution. This solution particularly appeals to companies that require enhanced security controls.

Samsung’s enterprise-level mobile device management solutions provide enhanced security between mobile devices throughout an organization. The platform’s On Device Encryption feature uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure locally stored data on a device, an option not available from other providers. This protection of local data, including data on microSD storage cards, prevents unauthorized access to sensitive company information. SAFE also includes Exchange ActiveSync support, enabling companies to efficiently implement company-specific collaboration and organization tools on Android devices. As an additional benefit, SAFE is compatible with many VPN providers, giving companies the option of IP-based encryption. Samsung’s platform is able to be enhanced with additional security and advanced management features, providing a scalable and customizable mobile device management solution for large-scale businesses.

Samsung’s customizable mobile device management solutions have been implemented by many global companies seeking enhanced security and advanced mobile management features. SAFE has been launched in enterprise environments where efficient inventory management, reliable device security and remote mobile control features were lacking. As a result of implementing SAFE, businesses and organizations are able to ensure consistent levels of company-wide security while reducing IT costs.

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