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RunnProduct Overview

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Runn product overview

Runn is a resource and capacity planning software built for project teams. It gives businesses company-wide visibility across sales, projects, and the people needed to bring them. Teams can navigate the planning, tracking, and forecasting of resources and profitability in a single, connected solution.

The platform gets rid of spreadsheets and clunky and complicated enterprise software. It ensures the data is relevant and gives team members real-time access, allowing everyone to be on the same page. Runn provides built-in actuals tracking capabilities, integrates with other specialized tools, and keeps solutions automatically in sync.

Pros of Runn

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  • The software optimizes capacity and lets managers know when they need to hire more people.
  • Runn’s Time Tracking Chrome extension enables users to see the daily schedule and instantly records their time as they work.

Cons of Runn

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  • Currently, the software doesn’t have expense tracking features. However, Runn plans to add this capability in the future.

Breakdown of core features

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Resource scheduling

The platform streamlines work scheduling for the team without bulky Excel spreadsheets and employee burnout. Users can schedule by clicking, dragging, and dropping to allocate work to anyone.

Runn also gives managers the ability to extend, shorten, split, and transfer work. Project managers can balance the workload with the peace of mind that no one will be overbooked.

With this solution, teams can plan around existing allocations and scheduled time off and holidays. Team leaders can control workload capacity with a heatmap of everyone’s availability and utilization.

Project planning

Runn allows users to create project plans without worrying about who can work. It surfaces people’s availability to let team members focus on what matters.

The software shows the entire project portfolio with all phases and milestones, so teams know what to prioritize. Managers can schedule projects ahead of time and determine how their plans will impact the business in the short and long term and whether they have the right amount of work in the pipeline.

Capacity management

Organizations can maintain a high-level overview of their entire resource pool with Runn. Teams can see at a glance how each project in the pipeline impacts the team and identify utilization trends in their plans. Moreover, leaders can tailor each person’s availability by work days and hours to increase efficiency.

Project forecasting

Runn enables project managers to forecast where the business is heading and plan with confidence. Leaders can calculate the future capacity for the entire company, teams, and individual people and monitor live insights for the near future.

In addition, users can drill deep into the numbers with Runn’s in-depth people reports. Managers can view whether their projects are likely to land over or under budget and adjust plans before it’s too late. Runn forecasts how much revenue, profit, and costs projects incur in its comprehensive project reports.

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