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About Routezilla

A product of British Columbia-based Routezilla Software Corp, Routezilla was developed by company CEO Robert Ducharme when he could not find appropriate business scheduling software for his service business. With Routezilla, his costs were halved and his business increased by 50%. Ducharme founded Routezilla Software Corp in 2012 to help other small service businesses achieve similar results.

Routezilla is designed to help small service companies save money and improve their workflow. It does this in several ways. First, with intelligent online business scheduling software available at any time of day, Routezilla ensures that customers can schedule appointments quickly and easily. The software also keeps fuel costs low and optimizes staff hours. This is achieved with the use of Google mapping technology that keeps each day’s appointments in the same geographical area and plots out the quickest routes for crews to take. Users can easily pre-set each day’s available service areas and change them as needed. Routezilla’s other benefits include real-time crew calendars, business analytics, customer confirmation and reminder emails, customer communication tools, data back-up and program security.

Routezilla has helped to increase profits, organize employees and bring back old customers for Aplus Cleaning and Janitorial. Customers of Routezilla clients have also expressed increased satisfaction with the simple booking experience that Routezilla offers.

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