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About Aptean Ross ERP

Formed by the merger of CDC Software and Consona Corporation in 2012, Aptean provides a number of industry-specific software solutions. One of their most well-known software innovations is Ross ERP. Aptean’s industry-leading software and technological knowledge gives their clients an edge in the competitive business world. Aptean has offices all over the globe, including numerous locations in the U.S. and Canada. Their headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ross ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is software for process manufacturers to explore options as far as cost, speed and overall productivity. Ross ERP features include: manufacturing management, financial management, distribution management, traceability, contracts and chargebacks, customer management and portal, data collection, and mobility. The information offered through this software is kept up to date in real time, meaning fewer miscommunications. This software allows client expectations to be met in a timely manner. The modular software specializes in recipes and formulas, so that clients can keep accurate raw material and end product accounts, reducing the cost of production and keeping the supply chain up to date.

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