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About RockySoft Supply

RockySoft Corporation was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Colorado. They develop forecasting and replenishment software for supply chain management in a variety of industries. RockySoft’s Supply Base Manager (SBM) is a browser-based inventory management software that monitors vendor performance. It gives direct information about the delivery performance of a vendor. The information can be displayed in a detailed view or as a summary. Automated functions of SBM allow easy management of lead times, replenishment planning, and provide the most up-to-date information on inventory. This makes demand forecasting more accurate, and puts your company in a more knowledgeable position. Since late deliveries can impact customer service, many companies carry additional inventory in case of poor vendor performance. The insight provided by SBM can increase supply assurance and reduce inventory expenses, as well as ensure the highest level of detailed information of your inventory systems.

Texas Electric Cooperatives provides coordination and management of products and services for utility consumers in Texas, including maintaining a large inventory of electrical equipment. They implemented RockySoft’s Demand Manager in 2004 and the SBM and Enterprise Metrics in 2007. They decreased excess inventory by 11% (worth one million dollars) within two months of implementation and improved vendor management. The implementation also allowed them to decrease stock outages of high demand items and sell off inventory that moves too slowly.

Paul MacHenry & Company is one of the largest motor craft distributors in the United States, providing original equipment parts to Lincoln Mercury and Ford dealers, and distributing AC Delco parts to GM dealerships. They have three distribution centers. By implementing RockySoft solutions, they increased the service level from 90% to 99.5%, reduced Class A and Class B inventory by 30%, and reduced purchasing time by 60%. This enabled them to grow without hiring new buyers. RockySoft solutions provide the tools needed to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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