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About RocketFid

RocketFid is a cloud-based, European gamification solutions provider. The company specializes in bringing game mechanics to community websites and e-commerce sites to engage users and strengthen customer loyalty.

RocketFid uses an engagement and behavior analysis engine to provide real-time user experience. The platform is scalable and can handle heavy traffic customers. The gamification platform offered by RocketFid supports an unlimited number of users. The gamification mechanics include rewards like trophies, points, secret objectives, and different challenges. Social relations are managed and integrated into the system. The user community can be tracked and analyzed through comprehensive analytics reporting. Widgets are used to authenticate the user, list real-time actions, and interface with users to see remaining objectives, awards won, and other statistics. Administrative interface provides loyalty indicators for each user, which can be exported and linked to other data sources. The stealth mode of gamification procedures monitor peak user activity, define relevant objectives, and later measure community response over a period of time.

RocketFid is a startup gamification provider in France, where gamification has been slow to progress relative to other areas of the globe. Through RocketFid, companies in France and elsewhere can take advantage of the gamification platform and its marketing capabilities with the strong analytics system built in by RocketFid. Companies using RocketFid benefit from its strong analytics system by gaining better understanding of their customers and building loyalty over time.

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