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About RoboHead

RoboHead is a cloud-based project management solution that provides marketing and creative teams a way to manage creative deliverables. RoboHead assists teams in managing work, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, and maintaining visibility over their entire workload. RoboHead features include customizable dashboards, configurable project request forms, project summaries, Gantt chart scheduling views, annotations and approvals, personalized timers, and reporting. 

Each user in RoboHead has the ability to configure his or her own dashboard with campaign and and task metrics, recent and ongoing activity, weekly activity graphs, and detailed reports.  RoboHead’s customizable project request form allows users to require custom fields (like budget, due date, etc.) or use multi-layered, conditional (if/then) questions when creating a new project. Each project has a detailed summary page, with drill-down reports on tasks, deliverables pending review/approval, and notes. The annotation and approval feature provides users the opportunity to comment, highlight, select, or stamp uploaded files or URLs; as new versions are created, all previous ones are automatically saved and built-in notifications keep team member up-to-date on changes.

Individual users chart their ongoing projects through personalized tab in RoboHead that monitors all project tasks in a single place. Users can add personal to-do list items, and this list can be sorted by date, priority, and more. RoboHead users configure their own reports and schedule them to run at specific times. Users have access up to seven types of reports, and frequently accessed reports can also be saved to each user’s Dashboard. Results can be automatically distributed via email to RoboHead users and non-users alike.

RoboHead is used by Cisco, Petco, National Geographic, Equifax, Honda, and more. MajorTom, the digital asset add-on to RoboHead, is an enterprise-class digital asset management solution that allows users to store, organize, tag, search, convert, download, and distribute digital assets all from their browser. 

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