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RoadmunkProduct Overview

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Roadmunk product overview

Roadmunk is an end-to-end roadmapping tool for building and communicating product strategy. This web-based software tool is designed to help create and share attractive visual roadmaps for product management. It enables the entire team to efficiently collaborate in planning the future steps of a product. Product managers and stakeholders can weigh in on a plan’s development, utilizing the solution as a visualization tool through several view types, resources, and data sets.

Roadmunk lets users create multiple types of custom roadmaps and seamlessly drag and drop them onto the collaborator. The sprint roadmap creates a visual short term plan for upcoming sprints, the project roadmap provides vital status updates to stakeholders, and the release roadmap helps plan out long term releases across various product lines. Roadmunk’s unlimited roadmap pivots enable users to filter and visualize one data set for each unique stakeholder.

Roadmap helps product management and marketing teams manage product launch campaigns. It provides an array of advanced, flexible, and easy-to-use features. The system is collaborative, intuitive, boardroom ready, and scalable. Businesses of different sizes get to use it in a brand-specific fashion.

Roadmunk offers visualization tools, project templates, and team collaboration features. These team collaboration features empower organizations to track consensus in a single, shared space and discuss plans across multiple roadmaps by adding comments directly into the platform. Roadmunk support is provided through an online knowledge base.

Pros of Roadmunk

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  • Creating appealing and collaborative roadmaps in Roadmunk is simple. Users can use Jira or Excel to import CSV data to the platform, or they can generate their own roadmaps from the tool’s pre-installed templates.
  • Roadmunk offers plenty of customization options with several advanced filters. This can help users design their plans as intended while remaining flexible
  • The platform allows users to share plans and collaborate with their clients or teams. They can also add comments or chat with other users about their proposed plans. Users have the option to mention any member of the team. Roadmunk allows users to see multiple views of the same data. Users can present the same data to different teams in completely different ways.

Cons of Roadmunk

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  • Roadmunk offers no direct integration with backend data.

Breakdown of core features

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Roadmunk provides features designed to help product managers plan and build customer-driven roadmaps.

Capture feedback

Roadmunk allows product management teams to handle all user requests in one organized place — the feedback inbox. Roadmunk’s Chrome extension lets sales and support teams capture feedback and deliver it to the product team. Feedback can be submitted directly to the product team from Salesforce, email, chat boxes, and other browser-based tools — all without interrupting workflows. Roadmunk lets users link feedback to a product or feature and ensure it’s delivered to the relevant person on the product team. Users can keep track of where feedback is coming from and identify who to follow up with when a pain point-solving update is shipped. Roadmunk enables product teams to capture, manage, filter, and analyze a high volume of user insights in the feedback inbox.

Idea Prioritization

Roadmunk helps product teams systematically prioritize what to build next. Users can prioritize their product ideas using the solution’s built-in product management best practices. Users can also directly link collected feedback to ideas to make credible, customer-driven product decisions. Roadmunk helps users promote high-impact ideas to the product roadmap and commit to making them happen. Teams can implement a repeatable and systematic prioritization method and continually surface what they should focus on next.

Product Roadmap

Roadmunk lets users present a boardroom-ready roadmap and align the whole organization with it. Product teams can communicate their strategy using Roadmunk’s simple, powerful roadmapping features to choose between a timeline or swimlane visualization. Users can create multiple roadmap views from one data set and export roadmaps to URL, PNG, and HTML. Teams can commit to dates with a timeline roadmap, visualize their strategy, and create alignment around initiatives, objectives, and milestones. Users can view dependencies between roadmap items. Roadmunk enables users to link an item to any other item — even if it exists on someone else’s roadmap — to identify relationships between initiatives.

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