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About RippleHire

RippleHire specializes in helping businesses build referral networks based on their employees. They start with a core belief that the best method of hiring to grow your business or meet its needs is through employee referrals. Relying on their technical know-how and gamification skills, India-based RippleHire helps businesses of all sizes implement employee referral programs.

RippleHire offers a relatively unique and interesting service to businesses. When partnering with RippleHire, they will first start with recruiters to form job campaigns and put the jobs to be filled into the employment ecosystem. After this step is accomplished, the gamification aspect of RippleHire’s services come into play. RippleHire combines the quality of employee referrals and injects gamification into it to entice employee engagement and a more successful hiring campaign. Employees are rewarded based on their efforts in the referral program through contests, achievements, incentives, a point system, leaderboards, and more. Added to this is a social reputation system to recognize and track the success of a business’ employee referral program with RippleHire. Implementing RippleHire’s services helps to reduce hiring costs as well as improve employee engagement and brand awareness.

RippleHire provides businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the social networks within their own company. Recently, a company (who chose not to be named) partnered with RippleHire to implement a gamified employee referral program reported that they beat their two-week targets on the first day. On the second day, the company surpassed their overall pilot programs target. This was accomplished without the need for any additional support with RippleHire’s services.

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