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About NorthgateArinso Reward Solutions

NorthgateArinso (NGA) is a renowned human resources (HR) software company in the United Kingdom. One of its leading solutions in the market is its Reward Solutions HR and payroll software. Designed to help both small and large companies in managing human resources, a number of public sector departments and SMEs have benefited from the utilization of the NorthgateArinso Reward Solutions system. The company has demonstrated thirty years of outstanding service providing payroll software to companies around the globe.

With NorthgateArinso Reward Solutions HR software, you can immediately recognize top performers in your team which can, in turn, help you create structures to facilitate their development. For example, Stannah Stairlifts used NorthgateArinso Reward Solutions for their pay and grading project. The implementation of the software led to a new structure which now provides a pay evaluation system that fairly and accurately tracks and rewards employee productiveness while allowing the company to be competitive in the local job market. As it did for Stannah, this HR software can enable your company to effectively communicate reward packages and benefit plans to further motivate your employees. Planned strategies and policies that will reward your star players can be easily integrated and implemented into this reward software.

Beyond rewards, you can streamline HR processes with Reward Solutions. This recruitment management software possesses functions for payroll services, pension requirements and human resource management. It also features full management of outsourced payroll service. This will also ensure that your team is consistently paid on time. An online expenses management module helps to reduce expenses through policy rules and reminders, rewarding your company with savings. A full-service HR solution, NorthgateArinso has professional technical support teams with significant field experience to support you in the implementation and integration processes.

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