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ReveneraProduct Overview

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Revenera product overview

Revenera’s solutions help software and IoT companies build and deliver secure products while protecting their intellectual property (IP). Its solution for Windows and multi-platform installations lets you make a great first impression with your software. It also allows you to leverage the power of open source and also to future-proof your business by eliminating compliance and security risk. You can implement flexible monetization models, become a digital leader, and grow while keeping your customers front and center. For over 30 years, Revenera’s 1,300+ team members worldwide support 31,000+ customers, helping them achieve business success.

Revenera products include:

  • FlexNet Code Insight: an on-premise software composition analysis solution using automated scans to help organizations understand their license compliance and security vulnerability exposure to open source packages.
  • Software Monetization: offers flexible implementations to help you launch new business models, protect your IP, and reduce the risk of revenue loss.
  • Compliance Intelligence: detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using your software without paying for it.
  • Usage Intelligence: provides deep insight on product feature use and application performance management.

Pros of Revenera

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  • Product variety: Revenera offers a variety of products with differing features for categories such as software monetization, license compliance, usage intelligence, vulnerability management, source code management, and software composition analysis.
  • Free version: FlexNet Code Aware is a fully free product

Cons of Revenera

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  • Learning curve: Users need to spend time to learn about the whole product with its many features in order to maximize the value of and benefit from the product.

Breakdown of core features

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Source code management

Revenera scans low-risk applications for evidence of all commonly used software packages that are pulled in during the build via package managers along with direct and transitive dependencies for a quick health check of your products. It also includes package analysis and build dependencies, with the ability to search evidence of exact file matches, licenses, copyrights, emails, URLs, and other terms. It has integration with open source scanning and external audit data. You can also create custom dashboards and reports with automated findings, audit, and vulnerability information using REST APIs.

License management

Revenera’s flexible API allows developers to trigger compliance intelligence functionality based on customer-defined parameters, with library support for Windows, Linux, and MacOS applications. It has comprehensive and flexible data collection and reporting, transparent forensic data egress, conditional filtering, and enhanced geolocation capabilities. It allows for flexible data hosting options, includes dashboard, and integrates easily with Tableau, Salesforce, and other CRM systems. The engagement teams provide expert support on implementation, identification of infringing organizations, data analysis, and campaign optimization.

Application lifecycle management and usage intelligence

Revenera solutions track usage and analyze product metrics through dynamic dashboards with out-of-the-box and customizable reporting on versions, editions and builds, operating systems, hardware, and architecture. It allows you to chart the adoption of new features throughout your customer’s product experience. Other features include user flow reporting, custom reporting, and ReachOut messaging. Create custom messages easily and deliver them to users as HTML pop-up windows without adding code to your app. Get feedback from customers using surveys based on explicit software usage behavior.

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  • Usage analytics
  • Remediation
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Task management
  • Data security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Source code management
  • Software composition analysis
  • Software bill of materials
  • Detection
  • Prioritization
  • API
  • License management
  • Application lifecycle management


  • CI/CD tools
  • SCM tools
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Apache Maven
  • MSBuild
  • Jenkins
  • Azure
  • GitLab
  • Microsoft TFS
  • Perforce
  • Docker
  • JFrog
  • Bamboo
  • Gradle
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Empower for ISVs
  • Tableau
  • ID Networks
  • Red Hat


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