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About is a company that produces an eponymous ecommerce marketing automation and personalization platform. Founded in 2013, Retargeting has offices in Bucharest and Los Angeles, and is trusted by over 500 businesses across the globe, with a median conversion rate of 10.14 percent. 

Retargeting’s ecommerce platform is designed to boost conversions and sales  — by as much as 100 percent within 3-6 months! The Retargeting add-on tracks every action your site visitors take, logging them in order to provide personalized messages that will help you close more orders, faster. The user-level analytics provided by enables decision-makers to improve all stages of the buyer’s funnel, and discover user pain points. Uncover which of your site categories is most popular, which customers are most loyal, and how long your average buying cycle takes. 

Retargeting includes 3 different types of messages, sent automatically based on pre-determined rules.

Live messages are displayed on your site while visitors are still browsing, and can be user to offer discounts, encourage email newsletter signups, present special offers, or target visitors about to navigate away. 

Email messages are sent to visitors after they’ve navigated away, and are based on visitor behavior, or can be linked to specific events, such as a birthday, Black Friday sale, etc. 

SMS messages are used to remind users of the other messages. Using SMS allows you to reach all of your customers, even those without or who don’t check their email. 

All messages are completely customizable, and the setup process is simple. Create your rules and templates a single time, and the rest is handled automatically by Furthermore, Retargeting offers a comprehensive multi-testing feature, where you can test any number of message versions. Make and test multiple message modifications at the same time, and determine the winning version based on live results, either manually or Retargeting will choose it automatically. 

Have questions about Retargeting, or want a free trial? Want to find out more about marketing software in general? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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