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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Consumer Brands, Retail and Wholesale
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Retalix Logistics

Retalix Logistics Management Suite is fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) supply chain management software produced by Retalix Ltd, a software company that has been acquired by NCR Corporation operating in Japan, Italy, Australia, France and the UK. The software is designed for businesses in the food industry like grocery stores, convenient stores, companies that distributes consumer goods, and wholesalers and retailers of food services. This supply chain management and software aims to allow food service companies to operate with full flexibility in accordance with the advancements of market conditions.

Retalix’s solution embeds a combined functionality of inventory, supply, and flow management. These features give users an opportunity to save time and better handle operations. The software also generates reports giving companies and full awareness of their operations. With day-to-day delivery cycles, Retalix Logistics Management Suite provides indispensable tools in directing transaction details in a systematic fashion. It can help business respond quickly to order issues and completely track sales of individual retailers and vendors. Through its automation power, it can also simplify and trim down administration and accounting costs. This warehouse management software can also assist in conducting inventories. It includes a pricing device and can quickly send out alerts based on user-input stock thresholds, deliveries, etc. Retalix’s reports and dashboards help forecast users’ return on investment. This supply chain management software can also guide workflow chart completions.

A convenience store distributor in South Carolina contacted Retalix for help with their supply chain management software needs. After implementing the Logistics Management Suite, they are now able to coordinate all their transactions over multiple systems and two warehouses. It also improved the speed of information flow enabling them to improve their distribution timing and accuracy.

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