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About NetSuite RetailAnywhere

Retail Anywhere and NetSuite have combined to create a company that offers the best in flexible business solutions. They have years of experience in the point of sale software industry and are driven to help retail businesses stay competitive in their given industries. They fully back and support their software, offering superior customer service to their customers. NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud-based business management solutions provider, and Retail Anywhere has always offered the best in products.

Retail Anywhere’s retail POS software solution is designed to deliver the best customer experience possible in a point of sale software. It is an extremely flexible retail POS system and is designed to integrate right into a company’s day-to-day processes without much hassle. Retail Anywhere’s retail POS software offers item search functions, customer information captures, purchase history logs and much more. Users can handle special orders, look up prices and styles, keep track of customer orders and information, and perform other important functions with this software. This retail POS system is made for businesses of any size, and it can be adapted to fit any business’s specific needs.

Ovation Hair successfully implemented Retail Anywhere’s POS software, and Carlee Cayton, VP of Sales, said,”Retail Anywhere got us up and running quickly, the setup and support was great. …┬áIt was a tremendous advantage to use a company that specialized in a POS solution.”

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