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About Runit Retail Software Suite

Runit, founded in 1992, provides real-time cloud POS software for modern retailers. The company began in New York City and has expanded to serve clients across the globe. In 1995, the company was the first to offer their touchscreen retail POS software, the Windows-based Runit Retail Software Suite. This system connected specialty retailers with powerful inventory management software. Today, that has evolved to include web-based POS software, and the client base has grown beyond specialty retail. Now, every storefront has the ability to use Runit’s software solutions.

The benefits of real-time point-of-sale software are numerous. Beyond the standard features that track inventory and help customers maintain appropriate inventory levels, Runit provides the ability to seamlessly process credit card transactions without a dedicated terminal. Instead, clients are able to complete orders with a sales staff on a mobile device. Send receipts directly to your client’s email and, as an added bonus, collect data from each sale in the same way that you always have. Now, you can make informed back-office decisions without all the extra software. Because these POS solutions are based in the cloud, your staff never needs to worry about software updates or new implementations. Instead, just roll out the solution when you are ready to start.

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