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Product Quick Facts

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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Harbortouch POS

Harbortouch, a leading supplier or point of sale (POS) systems, handles merchant accounts for over 110,000 business locations and processes across the nation. Harbortouch’s merchant services include supplying POS sysems, credit card processing terminals, and electronic cash registers. The company has won many awards for its innovative products as well as its excellent customer service.

Designed for use as an integrated, point of sale software system, Harbortouch Retail POS allows users to streamline their business processes by doing the work of multiple, individual software applications. It includes features such as timesheet data entry and tracking in addition to an employee scheduling and productivity management function. Harbortouch point of sale software also increases checkout and pricing accuracy, and it incorporates inventory management software which tracks stock and monitors its depletion. This saves money by giving visibility to inventory and, for example, reducing the number of obsolete items in stock. HarbortouchPOS allows for cash, check and debit transactions, as well. This point of sale software includes advanced reporting functions with built-in report forms that can help clients to identify top-selling items and sales trends, and it helps to monitor core financials. HarbortouchPOS comes with a 15-inch monitor that is so durable, clients can expect to use it for up to nine years.

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