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About RenaissanceIDEA

RenaissanceIDEA, or ‘Integrated Demand Engagement Agency, founded in 1989 outside Boston, Mass., is a privately-held marketing services provider that specializes in custom content, outsourced marketing campaigns, strategic initiatives, and marketing consulting. 

Calling themselves “an agency of engagement-focused StoryScapers,” RenaissanceIDEA reviews your organization’s existing marketing methods, processes, and content library to help identify your brand’s story. Working closely with you and your product team, RenaissanceIDEA helps you then fill in the gaps in your story, translating and amplifying your message to make sure it resonates with your customers, boosting engagement with multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns that help generate and convert more leads. They offer four key business services:

Jump-Start Burst Nurture & Wake-Up Campaigns designed to quickly and measurably impact both lead volume and quality. RenaissanceIDEA reviews your existing content, classifying, curating, and prioritizing your content needs. Then, once the map has been established, and marketing automation platform blueprints have been designed, RenaissanceIDEA sprints (<60 days) to create between 15-20 engaging assets for use in your re-engagement or nurturing campaign. 

Foundational Pipeline Impact Campaigns & Pilots are offered for those businesses needing to build new core engagement content assets from scratch. Ideal for companies re-branding or re-targeting, these programs help you evolve the way you engage and how you go to market. Improve nurture tracks, build in opportunities to cross or up-sell, create loyalty campaigns, design new processes, and much more. 

Strategic Initiativesor what RenaissanceIDEA calls their “full, roll-up-your-sleeves offering” goes a step further. They’ll work with you directly to define new go-to-market methodologies, aggregate data from disparate sources for cross-organization visibility, and etc. The goal? To help you identify your best customers, find more of them, boost retention, reduce attrition, and other pre-negotiated objectives. 

Consulting services are available for those organizations that don’t know where to begin. They’re available for audits on retainer, engagement-focused planning, ad-hoc go-to-market strategies, nurture optimization, and much more. 

We recommend RenaissanceIDEA to any company looking for a content-focused marketing agency, but especially to those B2B organizations struggling with digital marketing planning. 

Have questions about RenaissanceIDEA? Want to find out more about marketing services? Call, click, or email to speak with an  unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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