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About ReLiMedEMR

ReLi Med Solutions is an electronic medical record (EMR) software vendor that provides solutions designed for medical practices. Though the company offers other products, ReLiMedEMR enables physicians to quickly and accurately capture details about patient encounters. ReLiMedEMR is HIPAA compliant, permission-based and supports Performance Quality Initiatives. ReLiMedEMR is a scalable and user-friendly EMR for small practices.

ReLi Med Solutions’ ReLiMedEMR is easy to use and serves as a single point of reference for all patient-related information. From the program’s Physician Dashboard, doctors can review encounter status-changes, search the patient database, and customize documentation preferences. The program’s note lock and re-open functions enable detailed audit trails while clinical documentation templates simplify clinical reporting. During a patient encounter, physicians can progress through an exam with single-screen access to patient demographics, current medications, and allergy information. ReLiMedEMR is designed to feature one-click access to patient visit histories, medical history, related documents, care summaries, and patient-related messages. The combination of these features gives physicians immediate access to vital information and expedites the documentation and treatment planning process.

ReLi Med Solutions’ ReLiMedEMR has helped many practices increase efficiency, provide better patient care, and reduce dependency on paper-based systems. One of ReLiMedEMR’s customers, a multi-provider urgent care and family medicine practice, needed an electronic medical record solution that was customizable, flexible, and easily integrated with existing workflows. After using ReLiMedEMR, this practice became more efficient and reduced administrative expenses. As a result, the practice has been able to accommodate more patients per day and increase revenue.

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