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About Aptean Relevant ERP

Aptean, founded in 2012, has quickly established itself as a leader as a provider of industry-specific enterprise resource planning software, garnering more than 9,000 individual client accounts in over 100 countries worldwide. With a focus on providing specialized enterprise application software, the company works with industry experts to tailor its product offerings to the individual needs of its many clients in varied industries, with a focus on allowing clients to profitably meet their specific business goals. According to Aptean, “Our solutions are very focused on specific industry segments, providing specialized value and capability where others cannot.”

Relevant ERP by Aptean was created with the specific needs of companies that engineer, manufacture and repair sophisticated, high-value products for the contract manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industries. Allowing users to strictly manage multiple projects that each come with a unique set of criteria, including materials, design, and individual milestones, Relevant ERP’s management capabilities help to ensure deadlines are met within budget and within designated specifications. The directly delivered functionality of Relevant ERP includes materials management, planning, production, quality assurance, value management, compliance and warehouse and supply chain management. And, unlike generic ERP systems, Relevant ERP was built in collaboration with industry experts who understand the unique needs of the target industries with the aim of improving operational efficiency, resource management, and return on investment. In addition to the built-in features of Relevant ERP, users have access to a dedicated support site where they can request custom enhancements to their software, participate directly in the software system product development process, participate in user group meetings with Relevant ERP product specialists, and take advantage of beta-testing opportunities for future releases of the ERP software.

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