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About Via Science REFS

REFS, by Via Science, based in Cambridge, MA, applies big math to solve complex problems. REFS is a patented, automated analytics platform designed by Via Science to solve high-stakes, real-world problems that can have millions of possible outcomes. Via Science offers REFS as a solution to complex mathematical problems that rely on many different sources of data.

REFS is a business intelligence (BI) platform that uses Bayesian statistics and networks to make predictions, provide warnings and recommendations and explain how complex systems operate. This platform applies big math to solve complex problems and to create mini-software models that will assist in making predictions. REFS operates on large parallel supercomputers with 130,000 CPU cores. In using these supercomputers, Via Science has been able to solve problems with as few as 25 rows of data while having 80,000 variables. Via Science’s models can be deployed by using a client’s existing IT infrastructure and can work with large, small or incomplete data. They can integrate data from many different sources including client proprietary data, custom outsourced surveys, social media and macroeconomic data.

Via Science has partnered with Weather Analytics for predictive modeling. Weather Analytics and their global weather database have been able to use Via Science’s analytics platform to provide more accurate predictive modeling using global data. After building a global weather database, Weather Analytics has been able to assist with forecasting and predictive modeling for everything from construction projects to the growth of the cotton industry in Africa.

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