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About Redmatch

Redmatch has several decades of service providing high-end HR recruitment systems and tracking software. They provide clients with a solution that can be customized and localized, backed up by a robust professional support force. Their solution has been utilized by companies in North America, Canada, Australia and Asia. A leading producer of cloud-based HR software designed for small or large-scale companies, Redmatch software streamlines and transforms the human resource recruitment process into a fully automated operation.

Redmatch recruitment management software is available in four scalable editions¬† to cater to individual specifications. For small businesses, the standard edition of Redmatch’s HR software is a low-cost online recruitment program designed to help you find the best applicants to match and suit your company’s needs. Automatically generated informational reports allow you to view valuable data pertaining to the recruitment procedure. Redmatch’s Pro edition is a fully automated system that combines the capabilities of a social network with reporting ability and an interface for recruitment of resources. The Redmatch Enterprise edition was designed for large and enterprise-level companies. It offers supreme flexibility with features such as referral systems and direct line communication with short listed applicants, as well as social network functions. Finally, Redmatch offers a completely customizable HR software system, designed for businesses with diverse requirements. All of Redmatch’s recruitment management software solutions feature a consistent and efficient tracking system with a powerful SaaS solution. Match the right applicant to the job with Redmatch.

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