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About Realtiva

Founded in 2006, Double Dash offers real estate companies an industry-specific CRM in the form of Realtiva. By focusing on the real estate industry, Realtiva’s features provide the solutions a real estate organization needs to streamline its internal processes and increase productivity.

Well suited for solo real estate agents, medium-sized brokers or large firms, Realtiva’s features include syncing functionality with WordPress and Google as well as with your business’ current website. Realtiva works well with, Zillow, Trulia and many other property-search platforms, making marketing properties through these channels a breeze. Realtiva also allows real estate professionals to create custom contact forms for linking with your business’s website. Automatic lead capture tools ensure that leads aren’t lost because of clerical errors and that manually entering leads is a thing of the past. For large real estate organizations, Realtiva enables administrators to distribute leads across sales teams, which reduces the likelihood of agents missing a selling opportunities. To avoid confusion and redundancy, Realtiva features tools for assigning and sharing tasks throughout an organization.  Additional functions include mobile access for agents in the field, the ability to export data to other systems and a contact management platform that lets agents record and share account information.

A Portland-based real estate company needed a better way to manage their contacts with agents in the field. Although they reviewed several CRM solutions, they chose Realtiva because it was designed specifically for the real estate industry. After implementing Realtiva, this Portland real estate company realized an increase in sales and a decrease in time spent on manually maintaining a contact list.

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